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How was the decision made to close school? 

Following the press conference held by Governor Brian Kemp on March 12, 2020, and after consulting with area school leaders Social Circle City Schools made the decision to  close all schools and facilities and cancel all school-related activities starting March 16, 2020. During this time of closure, every school facility will be sanitized, air filters will be replaced, and deep cleaning will be completed. 

How will I receive updates regarding school system operations? 

Social Circle City Schools will utilize its website, Facebook, Infinite Campus, and our OneCallNow communication system to keep parents/guardians informed. We also utilize our partnership with the news media as well as social media platforms. If there are questions or concerns over the accuracy of the information, parents/guardians should reference the district website first. 

How long will school operations be impacted? How will schools be prepared for reopening? 

At this time Social Circle City Schools anticipates being closed for two weeks. (March 16 - March 27)

What if I think my child is showing symptoms of coronavirus? 

If you suspect that family members could have Coronavirus, you should call your healthcare provider or local health department for medical guidance. Parents of students who have been sick with COVID 2019 will need to provide clearance from your healthcare provider upon student’s return to school. The CDC has the most up-to-date information on symptoms of Coronavirus at 3018375000&usg=AFQjCNHjH73j-jBQA9KK1T9OF2JEoC-Aqw and best practices to use involving coronavirus: 

Will my child be required to make up any days they are not in school? 

At this time, Social Circle City Schools is not required to make up the missed school days. Instead, students will engage in remote learning experiences that will be a mix of print and online tasks in lieu of face-to-face instruction while the school district is closed. 

When a school building is closed, how will this affect extracurricular activities and school events? 

No school sanctioned on or off campus activities will take place during this time period. . Social Circle City Schools will utilize its website and call/email messaging system to keep parents/guardians informed. 

If I have dual enrollment or work-based learning, should I go to these locations? 

If scheduled for work-based learning, follow the opening and closing hours of your employment. Dual enrollment attendance will follow the respective university’s plan. 

How can we learn at home if we do not have a device and/or the internet? 

Non-digital assignments will be provided to students who have limited access to technology. These non-digital assignments may be communicated by phone, email, or website. However, if the assignments cannot be obtained before or during the remote learning days, students will receive the assignments  on the next regular school day. These students will have the equivalent number of remote learning days to complete the make-up assignments. 

How will student learning continue through during this time of school closure? 

Students will have an opportunity to engage in remote learning experiences. Teachers will use district-provided instructional resources to assign meaningful, instructional tasks aligned to the rigor of the GSE and Learning Standards. Teachers will assign a balance of digital and print assignments via Google Classroom, Teacher webpages, Class Dojo and other platforms. Students may access these assignments online where available. Non-digital assignments will be provided to students who have limited access to technology. These non-digital assignments may be communicated by phone, email, or website. 

How will remote learning work be graded? 

Teachers will be working from home as well. Much like they do during a regular school day they will monitor student performance, grade assignments, and provide feedback on instructional tasks/assignments within a reasonable timeframe. 

What if my child does not understand the work assigned? 

Teachers/schools will provide directions on how and when to contact your child’s teacher(s). In order to support students, teachers will hold daily class/office hours via Teacher webpages, Google Meet and/or other available platforms to answer students' questions and provide tutorial opportunities. 

My child needs transcripts for college applications, certificates of attendance, personal belongings, etc.... Can I get access to these? 

College Transcripts can be requested by emailing the High School Registrar, Kyla Kitchens @  She will communicate these documents via email.  During a remote learning day(s), staff will not be available to provide in-person services or access to the building.  These needs will be addressed upon reopening. 

What if my child is ill during the remote learning day(s) and is unable to complete assignments? 

If a student is ill during the remote learning days SCCS policy applies. If within attendance guidelines, students will be able to make up missed work upon their return to school. 

If educational opportunities are provided to students without disabilities, what must be provided for students with disabilities? 

In general, school districts have a responsibility to ensure that students with disabilities have both equal access to the educational opportunities provided all students, as appropriate, and access to FAPE. In planning for continued educational activities in the event of school closures due to a severe pandemic, local school districts must consider ways of ensuring that the planned activities are accessible to students with disabilities. Consideration should be given to including strategies to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to the continuing education program and receive educational benefits that are comparable to those received by others in the program and modified, or separate, aids and services necessary to provide access to students with disabilities.  The special educational case managers will contact families regarding services and assignments. 

How will support and services be provided for students with disabilities and 504 students? 

Special Ed. Teachers will provide IEP accommodations for students with disabilities that are applicable to remote learning and general education teachers will provide students with 504 accommodations that are applicable to remote learning. 

Will the school closing affect graduation? 

At this time we do not anticipate graduation or end of year activities being impacted but we will continue to monitor

How will this impact Georgia Milestones testing? 

Any modifications to Georgia Milestones will be determined based on guidance provided by the Georgia Department of Education. 

Will school-related activities be canceled? 

All school-sponsored travel, competitions, and activities will be canceled and/or rescheduled while schools are closed. 


At this time the district is monitoring all school-related activities and operations beyond the two-week closure. 

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