ECE II Syllabus

Program Concentration:   Education

Career Pathway:                Early Childhood Education

Course Title:                      Early Childhood Education II

Course Number:                20.52810

School:                                Social Circle High School

Instructor:                          Janice Garrett
E-mail address:        
Phone Number:                  770-464-2611
Room Number:                   1156


Course Description:
Early Childhood Education II is the second course in the Early Childhood Care and Education pathway.  It further prepares the student for employment in the early childhood care and education field.  The course will touch on the following topics:  history of education, licensing and accreditation requirements, observation practices, development of children, CPR/First Aid training, child abuse, childhood illnesses and diseases, and the prevention & control of communicable diseases. 

Course Standards:

  1. Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.
  2. Describe the evolution of the roles and expectations of American early childhood educators and the children they teach. 
  3. Analyze techniques for observing intellectual, physical, and behavioral development of children. 
  4. Recognize, identify, and explore accommodations for children with exceptional needs. 
  5. Identify nutrition and food-safety principles for optimal child wellness. 
  6. Provide a safe environment for children. 
  7. Provide a healthy environment by applying procedures to reduce the infectious process for children in classrooms.
  8. Identify the component elements of the communicable illness process.
  9. Identify types and characteristics of child abuse and neglect.
  10. Research and obtain industry required safety certifications.
  11. Analyze licensing and accreditation standards in Georgia and the United States.


In the early childhood education field, this classroom and in life,  integrity is essential.  If you have integrity this means that you do the right things at the right times, even when no one is looking.   It means that you are kind to others, helpful and can be trusted.  We will discuss the importance of  having integrity throughout this course.  


Texts: Child Development by Celia Anita Decker

           Working with Young Children by Judy Herr

Textbooks will be used as classroom resources and will not be issued to individual students. Should a student  need to use a textbook outside of class time,  one may be checked out on a daily basis.


Supplementary Materials: Videos, Workbooks, magazines, newspapers, library resources, computer and internet sources, guest speakers.


Necessary Supplies and Equipment: The following list of supplies will be needed to complete an organized portfolio of information needed to continue in the Early Childhood Care and Education career pathway.

  1.  2 - 3 inch white view binder with notebook paper
  2. pens and pencils

Supplies should be brought to class as soon as possible (portfolio construction will begin immediately). Should any other supplies be needed, ample time will be given to obtain them.

Mrs. Garrett’s Supply Wish List (but not required)

 -Disinfecting Wipes or Baby wipes
-Craft Supplies (can be leftovers from previous projects)  Examples—pipe cleaners, pom pom balls, cotton balls,   craft sticks,   buttons, felt, etc.

Assessments/Grading Procedures: All graded assignments will fall into one of the four categories below:

  • Formative Assessments: 30%
  • Summative Assessments: 40%
  • Mid Term:  10%
  • Final Exam: 20%

Course Expectations and Portfolios:

There will be bell to bell instruction or activities in the ECE classroom.   Students are expected to be on time and on task at all times. Successful students stay on task, participate fully and keep organized portfolios    Many assignments will be completed with paper, and pencil/pen,  and either placed in the portfolio or turned in for grading.   Some assignments will be completed in Google Classroom and submitted for grading.   Once Mrs. Garrett returns a hard copy graded assignment, you should file that assignment in the correct location in your portfolio.  Punch holes in papers when needed.   Organization is very important!   Your portfolio (binder) should be left in the ECE room at all times.   Your class will have a designated location to store  portfolios.  

Late Work: 

For 100 percent credit, all work is due by the date set by Mrs. Garrett.  Students may receive partial credit for late work turned in by Friday of the week the work was due.   

Missed Work due to student absence:
Students will be allowed to complete work missed due to absence.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for the missed work before or after class and complete the missed work within 3 days of returning to school.  0's will be given for work not completed within 3 days of the student's return to school.     


Extra Help:
If a student needs extra help on an assignment or if a student needs help due to being absent, the student should schedule a time to stay after school.

Classroom Management Policies:

Students should:
Enter classroom quietly, gather portfolio from shelf & be seated by the time the tardy

  • Check board for start-up activity, begin previously assigned work or be ready to start class as soon as soon as the bell rings.
  • Show respect for others, oneself and property…
    • Show respect to all visitors in our classroom.
    • Listen in class at all times, even when your classmates ask questions.
    • If you do not have something nice to say, do not say it at all.
    • Refrain from saying shut-up, stupid, I can’t, and profane words. 
    • Abusive language or actions will not be tolerated.
  • Clean up thoroughly each day. 
  • Put up at the end of class when directed by instructor, NOT BEFORE.
  • Remain in seat until the bell rings.
  • Repair hair and make-up in the restroom, NOT IN THE CLASSROOM.
  • All food and drinks should be kept away in this classroom. The only food consumed in this classroom should have been prepared in this classroom or planned as part of the curriculum.
  • Follow all school rules and incidental rules dealing with class activities.
  • Use computers only with the instructor’s permission and only for ECE assignments.
  • Enter kitchens only when given a task in that area.
  • Preschool bathrooms are not for high school students’ use. Use the restroom between classes.
  • Hall passes must be used at all times when leaving the classroom and only one student at a time.
  • Working on class work or homework from other classes is not allowed in ECE. It may be taken up and not returned.
  • Copying other student’s work will not be tolerated. All work will be collected and not returned. If it is another teacher’s work, that teacher will be notified of the academic dishonesty. If it is my work, both students will receive zeroes for the grade.
  • Phones should remain out of sight and not be used in class.  Phones that are in sight will be taken up.
  • All work should be completed in blue or black ink or pencil. Colored ink is unaccept
  • Follow the school dress code at all times. (Please refer to the entire dress code in the student handobook.)

 The school is responsible for fostering and reinforcing good habits of dress and grooming, as well as promoting an atmosphere of learning. By doing so, we are hopeful students will develop an understanding of appropriate dress in specific environments. Appropriate dress, neatness, and cleanliness are expected of all students. Any article of dress that tends to draw unfavorable attention, interferes with instruction, threatens health or safety, or is not appropriate for school. Below are some guidelines for appropriate dress in the school environment:  Body must be covered from the neck to the knees and shoulder-to-shoulder.

        Shirts:  No spaghetti straps, strapless tops, muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts with large arm openings.
        Tank tops must meet the 2 finger width and cover bra straps.
                     Sheer shirts can ONLY be worn with a tank top underneath.
                     Shirts should not expose cleavage or midriff (this includes stomach and back).
                     Pants/Shorts:  Pants must be worn at the waist and should cover undergarments.
                     Leggings, jeggings, or tights will only be allowed if they are worn with a shirt that is long enough to
                      cover the entire rear end. 
                     Shorts should be mid thigh or longer.
                     Dresses/Skirts:  No extended splits. Must not be too tight.  Should be mid thigh or longer, even when
                            worn with leggings.
                     Headgear --No headgear of any kind is allowed in the building.
                     General clothing, headgear, and jewelry:  No sexually suggestive or vulgar language or symbols.
                     No advertising of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco products.
                     No derogatory, inflammatory, demeaning words symbols or groups not sanctioned by the SCHS and BOE.
                     No gang related clothing or symbols.
                     No holes, cuts, and/or rips on clothing above the knees unless tights are worn underneath.
                     No pajama wear.
                     Safe and appropriate footwear must be worn. (No bedroom shoes.)

Class Rules (Posted in Classroom)
1.  Respect Everyone
 2.  Follow directions the first time they are given.
 3.  Respect everyone. 


Consequences for Not Following the Rules (minor issues)
1.  Warning
2.  Phone Call Home
3.  Detention
 4.  Office Referral

*I may call home at any point if I feel it is necessary.
*Incidences of a serious nature and/or that cause a complete class disturbance, may result in an immediate office referral.

                           The instructor reserves the right to alter any part of this course to better serve the students.




 Please take this syllabus home.A hard copy of the syllabus will be given out during class.  The student and parent should read and sign it by Friday, August 13th.  Return the lower portion to Mrs. Garrett, and place the upper portion in the front of your portfolio. A grade will be given for returning the signed syllabus by Friday, August 13th.  


I have read the syllabus for Early Childhood Education II.

Student's Printed Name 



Parent or Guardian Signature

Parent/Guardian Contact Number :  __________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian e-mail address:   ____________________________________________________

This syllabus should be read  by the student and parent/guardian by Friday, August 13th.  A hard copy of the syllabus will be given out during class to be signed by the student and parent/guardian.     Students will receive a grade for completing this task on time.