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Local Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy & Regulations

The Nutrition Program ensures that a BOE approved Wellness Policy along with accompanying procedures are in place.  The School Nutrition Director coordinates and facilitates meetings of the Wellness Committee and ensures that an assessment of the Wellness Policy and Procedures is completed at least once every three years.

Notices of Wellness meetings are posted on this webpage.  If you are interested in being a member of the Wellness Committee, please email the Director of School Nutrition, Melinda Marshall at or 770-464-4833.

Foods sold in schools during the school day to which students have access may be sold under two conditions:

(1) The food item meets "Smart Snacks in Schools" nutritional standards.  Find out if a food meets standards here: or

(2) The school has sanctioned a waiver for the organization.  Up to thirty waivers for no more than three days each are available for each school each year.  Fundraisers taking advantage of waiver allowances must follow guidelines regarding when items are sold.

Food Services Management

Wellness Program EEE 

Wellness Program EEE-R

Triennial Assessment

Competitive Foods