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The Social Circle City Schools Finance Department is responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable, and payroll. The Finance mission is to accurately report the financial position and business activities of the School District and provide support for the education process of all students.

School System Financial Information (HB 139)

As of November 1, the Department of Education has published its new financial data reporting tool as required by HB 139. 

HB 139 required the aggregation and publication of a variety of financial information for all school districts, such as revenue and expenditure data, capital construction costs, recent audits, and similar reports.  All of information on this site consists of data and other information which the Department already collects and in most cases published in some existing form, or which is collected and published by another department within state government such as the Department of Audits and Accounts.  HB 139 required the centralization of this information into a single web site, which is the purpose of this new reporting system.

Mrs. Nicole Cross

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Monroe

Accounts Payable

Jamie Sutton

Payroll & Benefits Coordinator