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Student Discipline

It is the purpose of the Social Circle Board of Education to operate each school in an orderly manner to provide for the welfare and safety of all students who attend the schools within the district. In accordance with that purpose, it is the policy of the Social Circle Board of Education that each school within this school district shall develop and implement age-appropriate student codes of conduct designed to improve the student learning environment and which will comply with state law and State Board of Education Rule 160-4-8-.15.

The school's primary goal is to educate, not to punish; however, when the behavior of an individual student comes in conflict with the rights of others, corrective actions may be necessary for the benefit of that individual and the school as a whole. Accordingly, students shall be governed by the policies, regulations and rules set forth in the Code of Conduct.

The rules contained in the Code of Conduct apply to students, both during and outside normal school hours, who are:

  • On school system property
  • Off school system property while attending a school activity, function, or event
  • In route to or from school or school-related activities
  • Off school system property if (a) the student's off-campus conduct could result in the students being charged with a criminal offense (or delinquent act) that would be a felony if committed by an adult and the off-campus conduct either makes the student's continued presence at school a potential danger to the educational environment or disrupts the school environment or (b) the student's off-campus expressive behavior (including, but not limited to, written communication, internet postings, communication through social media, cyber bullying [threats or harassment], or texting) could reasonably be expected to come to the attention of school officials and create a substantial risk to the safety of students, staff or others and/or a risk of substantial disruption to the school, program, or school environment.
  • School bus stops

Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the Code of Conduct and to be supportive of it in their daily communication with their children and others in the community. Parents and students are required to acknowledge receipt of the code of conduct.


First page of the PDF file: SCCSPK-5gradesStudentHandbook2023-2024
First page of the PDF file: SCCS6-12gradesStudentHandbook2023-2024