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Title IIA - Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Title II, Part A Supporting Effective Instruction Grant funds are obtained by a State on the basis of the United States Department of Education’s (USDE) approval of either (1) an individual State plan or (2) a consolidated application that includes the program. Through the program, state and local educational agencies (SEAs and LEAs) receive funds using a USDE provided formula based on poverty and population.

The purpose of the Title II, Part A grant is

  • to increase student achievement consistent with challenging State academic standards,  

  • to improve the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals and other school leaders,  

  • to increase the number of teachers, principals and other school leaders who are effective in improving student academic achievement in schools, and 

  • to provide low-income and minority student greater access to effective of teachers, principals and other school leaders.

Parent Feedback on CLIP

Parent's Right To Know

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