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Facilities Use Request


Board Policy KG: Use of School Facilities

The Social Circle City Board of Education is invested with the title, care and custody of all public school facilities in the city of Social Circle and with the power to control the same in such a manner as will best serve the interests of public education.

The Social Circle City Board of Education also recognizes the fact that the courts have emphasized that Boards do not have to permit use of school facilities for other than school purposes. The Board is further aware that where authorization for community use of schools is granted they cannot act arbitrarily or capriciously in allowing various groups access to school system facilities.

The Social Circle City Board of Education believes that the public schools are owned and operated by, and for its patrons, and that the schools become an integral part of the community in terms of its intellectual and social expression and development. Because of these beliefs, the Board encourages the public use of school system facilities. Reasonable care must be exercised by users of school system facilities and a fee shall be charged for the use of such facilities.

The lease, rent and/or use of school facilities in whole or in part, with the exception of the Board meeting room, cafeterias, athletic facilities, and elementary school physical education facilities, is prohibited for purposes other than education unless given special approval by the Superintendent of Schools.

Authorization for the use of school facilities shall not be considered as an endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization nor the purpose they represent.

School and/or system sponsored activities shall have first priority. School facilities may be used upon the approval of the Superintendent.

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