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About Us

Historic photo of SCHS

Located about 50 miles east of Atlanta, Social Circle is "Georgia's Greatest Little Town." Home to around 5,000 people, Social Circle is known for its historic downtown area and thriving local business and industrial presence. 

The history of Social Circle City Schools reflects the town's commitment to tradition and progress. Founded in 1820 at the junction of two Native American trails, Social Circle became a bustling transportation hub with an active railway. The first school, Social Circle Academy, was established in the 1830s, and the town was incorporated in 1832 with land dedicated for the school system. Over the years, the school system evolved and was officially chartered in 1905. The schools underwent several relocations and splits, resulting in the current configuration of four schools: Social Circle Primary, Social Circle Elementary, Social Circle Middle, and Social Circle High School.

The district now serves around 1950 students from various areas. Social Circle City Schools is proud of its independence, dedication to individual students, and its close-knit community. With growing enrollment and increased interest in the town, plans for future expansions and building programs are being considered.