No Face to Face School Election Day

election day

We believe that allowing for greater social distancing during voting will decrease the spread
of COVID-19 in our community and help us to remain open for face to face instruction. Therefore, we are planning to use
November 3rd, 2020, as a remote learning day for all of the students in the district. Our
staff members will design engaging remote learning activities related to presidential
elections as appropriate by grade level and content area. We hope this early notification
allows you time to make changes to more easily accommodate your family’s unique
Deep cleaning protocols will be followed after voting ends and prior to our students and
staff returning to the building on November 4th, 2020. We are proud of the high level of
student and staff participation in mask-wearing and robust protocols in our school
system to mitigate the spread of disease. Please continue to wear masks when social
distancing is not possible, stay home when you are sick, and sanitize your hands
regularly. We aim to remain open for face to face instruction and need your continued
Dr. Robbie Hooker

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