Primary School Traffic Change

Primary Dismissal Map

Instructions for Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

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  • The NEW Pattern through the South Walton Sports Complex is for AFTERNOONS ONLY. 
  • Morning Drop-offs should enter directly from Annie P Henderson onto the school property. NO LEFT TURNS from Annie P Henderson

Morning car riders will be dropped off at the student drop-off area at the front of the school. NO LEFT TURNS are permitted  from Annie P Henderson onto school property during drop-offs and NO LEFT TURNS are permitted when leaving school grounds onto Annie P Henderson. Parents will not be allowed to drop off or park in the area labeled "Faculty Parking Bus Drop-Off/Pick-Up" on the map. If parents are escorting children into the school, they will need to park in the parking lot labeled "Parent Parking" on the map. 

Afternoon Pick-Up: When arriving to pick up car riders, parents will turn into the South Walton Sports Complex football field entrance of Annie P Henderson Drive. Parents will line their vehicles up in the recreation football field parking lot and will stop at the stop sign at Cherry St in a single-file line. While waiting in the sports complex please do not litter or park on the grass. When students are dropped off in the morning or have been released for the day in the afternoon, an Administrator will direct vehicles from the football field parking lot to the Primary School. Please obey all traffic signs. 

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