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2018-2019 SCHS Student Handbook

2018-2019 SCHS Student Handbook Forms

2018-2019 Right To Know Letter

2018-2019 Section 504 Information


2018-2019 Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 - HIGH SCHOOL

Directions for student taking this survey not during the time when the whole class is taking this survey.  Today, you will be taking the Georgia Student Health Survey.  This survey is designed to collect information about our school climate. Every question is required to be answered.  This survey is completely anonymous, so please answer all questions honestly.

After you click the Health Survey, please make sure you select: System Name: Social Circle City [786], School Name: Social Circle High School [786-0300], Language as English or Espanol, then click the green icon Set School Selection! Please begin this survey.


Georgia Parent Survey:


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2018-2019 SCHS Student Handbook

2018-2019 Section 504 Information

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